Teak Bali both designs and fabricates custom wood Homes. We have the skills to take your existing designs and adapt them to our structural Hardwood Building protocols but we actually prefer to design from scratch so we can be involved with your custom wooden house design project from the ground floor. By giving us the opportunity to understand your dreams, visions and practical requirements coupled with the physical layout and the climatic related conditions of your property, our design team can engage you in a spirited design process to brainstorm a lovely/practical custom timber home design. , As Teak Bali has strong expertise building with tropical hardwoods and a deep understanding of the strength characteristics and member sizes required for specific spans, we can lay out the grid-lines of your  custom wood house design in an intentional and educated way. This also allows us to engineer your custom timber home design in the most cost-efficient way.

custom wood homes



Teak Bali has strong international design capabilities and with the use of Skype, Sketchup, Dropbox and Adobe Acrobat, we can realize the entire design process without ever meeting our clients face to face (Witness the 3D walk-through video below which was created in Sketchup). Working with as much client input as possible including verbal descriptions of your vision, photographs of your land, Topo plans of the terrain and a clear explanation of the geo-physical properties of the environs including sun movement, wind flows and direction etc., Teak Bali will design your Custom wood Home to exist harmoniously within the natural eco-system of your environment. Many of our clients have commented how our tropical house design process is quite engaging and inspirational. Designing can be fun and stimulating especially when you are crafting a living space. Teak Bali Custom Wood Homes are clearly attractive to a market segment looking for well-constructed, yet unique timber homes built with natural sustainable materials