TEAK BALI’s tropical house designs are a blend of the best of Bali Style DesignHawaii style Design and modern contemporary style design. Aesthetically attractive, featuring the renowned “Bali Style” design concept, our designs are superior in their individuality, exhibiting clean lines, high pitched roofs and an open Zen feel incorporating ample glass and light whilst allowing for cooling air flows and cross ventilation. Taking full advantage of the post and beam building method, many of our larger structures integrate a “Great Room” concept into the tropical home design. Our design aesthetic also incorporates a “Break the Box” initiative wherever possible with 6 or 8 sided structures on offer. We believe both energy and strategic view corridors can be lost in the right angles of a 4-sided design. Also, one of the more popular features for tropical home designs are decks (Or the lanai as they are referred to in the Hawaii Islands). Many folks in the tropics prefer an outdoor living option where family can gather. For those building with a spiritual bent in mind, Teak Bali has the wherewithal to incorporate the physics of sacred geometry into our design process. Either way, we urge you to work with our talented Design team to create Custom Designs that align with your visions and requirements.


Tropical House Designs



TEAK BALI has an impressive stable of Tropical Home plans for you to choose from. Even though our design library offers a nice selection of professionally designed tropical house plans, few people actually buy a house ‘off the shelf’. We have had clients tailor our existing tropical home plans to their needs as we can customize any of our floor plans to suit your specific requirements and lifestyle. You can also present us with your pre-existing Tropical House designs which we can easily adapt and Bali-ise to our structural building protocols. The majority of our clients prefer to fashion their beautiful, lush designs from scratch together with our talented design.  It’s your choice, you can work with us either way you prefer to create a custom tropical house plan that meets your specific needs and vision. Please visit our  Completed Projects page for some inspiration.