Teak Bali Indonesian based pre-assembly costs are calculated in either meter square (m2) or square foot (ft2) and are based on single story structures. Prices can range from: $750 – $2,000 per m2 or $75 – $200 per ft depending on the foot print size and configuration of your design(s). Please download our Pricing Guide to see the Bali based pre-assembly costs for each of our existing Teak Bali Models.


Shipping costs are dependent upon port of call and the size and weight of actual end product ordered. Teak Bali makes no profit on the logistics portion of this process, this fee is simply a pass through cost from Teak Bali to you. Shipping prices range from: $100-$200 per m2 or $10-$20 per ft.


These costs can vary widely depending on location as well as foundation requirements relating to the topography of your land. In other words, it is considerably cheaper to build on the foundation for a flat lot than on the side of a hill. Re-assembly Costs include civil works (foundation and septic), electric and plumbing (which are done on client site by locally licensed contractors) and the re-assembly of the Teak Bali Hardwood home(s). 


As a price guide, total build costs on the Big Island of Hawaii can range from: $1,750-$3,500 per m2 or $175-$350 per ft2.


60% down‐payment
20% upon erection of posts and floor structure
20% upon completion of pre‐assembly
Shipping costs are due as they arise


It is possible to use tropical hardwood design throughout the interior and exterior of our Bali Prefab Homes or to mix and match our Hardwoods with conventional building materials. We offer options for single or double-skin Hardwood SidingHardwood Flooring/Decking as well as Hardwood Doors and Windows are an option chosen by the majority of our clients. We can tailor this itemization according to your explicit project requirements determining what is sourced in Indonesia and what is sourced in the country of destination depending on what is more cost effective. We can furnish upon request Teak Kitchen Cabinetry, bathroom vanities, Furniture, door and window hardware and even a Bali Style Gazebo for the garden. Please download our Inclusions file which details what is generally included/excluded/optional with our hardwood home packages.