TEAK BALI demonstrates how fabricating Sustainable Hardwood Houses is actually one of the most practical ways to build consciously whilst directly giving back to the environment. By using hardwoods for manufacture instead of conventional building materials like steel and concrete, building a Sustainable Prefab Home can transmit a direct benefit back to Mother Earth.

Hardwood… Carbon-Friendly

Timber, especially teak and similar tropical hardwoods, are the most carbon-friendly building materials on the planet. Wood uses solar energy to grow and stores vast amounts of carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis process.  (For more detail on this fascinating topic, please refer to our Wood as a Sustainable Building Material Blog page discussing the Eco-friendly benefits of this natural building material). Wood truly is a sustainable building material provided to us from the planet with which we can intentionally re-plant  right back on the green planet.


2-for-1 Reforestation Initiative

In complete respect for our beautiful planet and the natural environment which provides us with our raw materials, TEAK BALI has introduced a “2 for 1 Reforestation initiative” whereby we plant and cultivate twice the equivalent amount of trees used in construction of our sustainable hardwood homes. In alignment with our Green initiative, by purchasing a Bali style Sustainable Prefab house from Teak Bali, our clients are actually benefiting the planet in a modest but direct way. Clients have the option to “Buy In” if they feel the notion to help plant more than 2 for 1 so let’s work together in the process of planting a small but dedicated lung for our abundant planet.

Merbau Seeds

Site Seedlings

When you purchase a TEAK BALI Sustainable Prefab Home, we also provide you with hardwood seedlings so you can witness sustainability right in your own back yard. By offering this to our clients, Teak Bali and all involved parties are actually participating in the environmental sustainability initiative. Our clients who purchase our sustainable prefab houses will witness tangible and genuine re-growth of our hardwoods on-site, right in their line of vision. We encourage our clients to let their neighbors know that their Teak Bali Sustainable Hardwood home is giving back to the environment. The Sustainability movement starts at home and only through communication and education can we teach the people of Planet Earth how to live in harmony with the Green planet. All members of the Teak Bali team care very deeply about the environment and when it comes to working with the planet, we don’t just ‘Talk the Talk’ but encourage all involved to help us ‘Walk the Walk’.

Teak Tree Planted in Hawaii