Teak Bali is a Prefab Post & Beam Home design and fabrication company. Our professional design team is experienced in creating solid and attractive prefab post and beam hardwood houses. By using the prefab post & beam construction style your tropical hardwood home will not only look great from the exterior but from the interior as well. Post & beam is a style of building that allows you to see the supporting framework of the home.  The visible timber of our post & beams structures makes for a beautiful home that stands apart from conventional building materials. The amount of exposed wood can be changed to fit your personal needs and vision.

As our two primary markets are in hurricane territory (Hawaii & the Caribbean), Teak Bali provides only the highest quality structural framing materials. Teak Bali Post & Beam homes are designed to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and termites. Utilizing the prefab post & beam building method, Teak Bali implements over-sized hardwood members, double-bearer floor structures and header beams with attached top plates. The wall structures of our timber homes are comprised of hardwoods with tight stud placement utilizing metal strapping and/or ply underlay to handle strong lateral loads. Wherever possible, our designers/carpenters avoid utilizing wood joins in mid span to further enhance the strength of our prefab hardwood houses. Hardwood Post & Beam building systems are documented to absolutely withstand Seismic activity. If you are looking for a hardwood solution with the long term in mind, Teak Bali delivers durable prefab post & beam homes that ensure strength and longevity. Our prefab post & beam houses are energy-efficient and have a special aesthetic Balinese character that you won’t easily find elsewhere.