Teak Bali specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of High-End Luxurious prefab wood homes.  The use of Bangkirai and Merbau timber as the primary building materials for our prefab Hardwood houses is a more environmentally conscious decision than the use of conventional building materials.  Wood is one of the few truly reusable, renewable and recyclable building materials on planet earth. A properly constructed prefab wooden house from TEAK BALI would easily last for your life time as well as the life time of your children. A prefabricated hardwood home from TEAK BALI in comparison with other building methods and materials is more durable and less harmful to the planet.

TEAK BALI’s prefab hardwood homes are all built to the highest quality standards with unique hardwood materials. What really makes our Balinese-style prefab wood houses unique is the perfect blending of light and dark, with plenty of glass to allow in light, highlighting the warmer qualities of the wood. TEAK BALI offers a wide range of design styles whilst employing an out-of-the-box design aesthetic employing the use of six or eight-sided structures. All of our existing models are designed to be fully customizable. For our clients who wish to design their own tropical hardwood home that fits their vision and needs, our in-house design team more than happy to work with you from start to finish to create the customized prefab wood home of your dreams.

The purchase of a prefab home built with tropical hardwood preserves not only the legacy of these trees but the future of their existence too. TEAK BALI is committed to planting two trees for every one we cut on all of our Prefab House Projects. As a memorial to our sustainability initiative, we also send all our clients Merbau seeds to plant trees right on their own property.