Teak Bali has been involved with multiple Luxury Hardwood Caribbean Home projects in the Region. As the Caribbean covers a large area with many different countries, we cannot say we have built in every locale but we are prepared to ship our Luxury Prefab Caribbean Homes to every country in the Region. We have fabricated multi-structure projects in the Bahamas as well as in Saint Kitts. With our expertise building to Miami Dade Building Codes regarding large wind loads, we have an intrinsic understanding on how to design and fabricate to allow for these periodic strong weather patterns.  We work hand in hand with a structural engineer that understands the strength characteristics of our Luxury Prefab Caribbean Homes. As a lot of locales in the Caribbean Region have issues relating to poor building infrastructure, we can do as much as possible on the Indonesian side to deliver you a Turn Key solution in your tropical Island destination. One of our strong points is our logistics skills moving goods around the planet so getting containers to your doorstep wherever that may be is our specialty. To see a couple of our Luxury Hardwood Caribbean Home projects, please click below: