Teak Bali has been involved with a few building Luxury Prefab Bali Home projects through-out the Island of the Gods. Whether building from scratch or if you require a serious upgrade, we have the skills to accommodate. If you want to do improvements to your existing Luxury Hardwood Bali Villa, we are specialists in this arena. A few customers that have experienced inferior craftsmanship on their existing projects have come to us to fix or improve on existing issues. We can also upgrade your existing Luxury Prefab Bali Home with the highest quality Hardwood Doors & Windows in Indonesia as well as Hardwood Flooring/Decking and Hardwood Siding/Molding. And if you want to design and fabricate your Luxury Hardwood Bali House project from scratch, we can help you from soup to nuts including land acquisition and the tricky proposition of obtaining legal building permits. Please click below to see existing Luxury Bali Villa projects: