Teak Bali’s Luxury Hardwood Homes are all built with the same high-quality, unique materials and designed to be fully customizable. Luxury Hardwood Houses are unique, eco-friendly, renewable and durable. When you build a hardwood home with Teak Bali, you are building a sustainable hardwood house that is built to last.

Teak Bali has fabricated numerous Luxury Hardwood Home projects through-out our 2 main target markets, Hawaii and the Caribbean. As these areas experience BIG WINDS and have stringent building codes relating to lateral loads and lift loads, our Hardwood Homes are over-built accordingly. As you view the various Luxury Hardwood House projects on the 4 sub-pages accompanying this page, you will get a feel for both our design concept as well as the fabrication techniques used.  And please take note, even if your location is other than Hawaii and the Caribbean, we can still ship our Hardwood Houses anywhere in the world.

Please click on one of the four windows below to access our Hardwood Home Project pages for Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bali, and Kona.