Of course, the most important part of the story your home tells is the story of the life you live in it. Using only top quality kiln-dried teak furniture, we design an extensive range of natural indoor and outdoor furniture lines which really put the punctuation on your High End Hardwood home. TEAK BALI carries an extensive range of natural timber indoor and outdoor Teak furniture designs. Chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes, bedroom suites and more, all beautifully handcrafted and finished. We use only top quality kiln-dried teak and all fasteners and fittings are of the highest quality so your Teak Bali’s furniture looks great for years with very little care. Inspired by Balinese Teak Furniture design, our talented designer took that inspiration to design our furniture lines and call it Bali Teak Furniture. Since Balinese Teak Furniture design already well-known crafted by artistic craftsmen in this island of God since a long time ago, we absorb those idea and make our Bali Teak Furniture lines to preserve those beauty but modifying them to be apposite with appearance of you Luxury Prefab Hardwood Home.There is nothing like finishing off your  Luxury Prefab Hardwood Home  with a tasteful selection of Teak furniture. We offer ‘custom design’ services and we also sell wholesale to hotels and retailers. The images represented on the website are just a small sampling of our vast collection. If there is something you don’t see here, just ask us. Nothing would make us happier than custom designing the wood component of your dreams. For more information on Teak timbers, please visit our Construction Materials page.