As the largest and most visible part of your Teak Bali home, your siding and molding is the cover of your book. You can rest assured that all of Teak Bali’s siding components are milled from the same quality kiln-dried Merbau wood we use for our Hardwood Flooring. Expect that your hardwood siding and hardwood molding will be fabricated to look next-level in workmanship, will resist years of wear and tears and will always maintain that Teak Bali beauty. Hardwood siding has become an extremely popular choice for residential and commercial buildings.  Siding made out of durable hardwoods has proven itself to be a great choice for exterior applications because it is resistant to rot, splinters and is termite free. With a dark reddish color, a hardwood Merbau siding is extremely durable with low maintenance. The fine grain gives the siding in your home a warm appearance. Merbau siding really gives your home that timeless charm. For more information on Merbau timbers, please visit our  Construction Materials page.