The flooring of your house is the intrigue that pulls a person through your home’s story. All of Teak Bali’s flooring and decking components are milled from the finest kiln-dried Merbau and Teak selections. These timbers are selected to ensure your floor is of the highest quality money can buy, lasts beyond your lifetime while always staying beautiful. Solid hardwood floors and decks add character, warmth and value to any place inside and outside your house. Our selection of Hardwood floors and Hardwood decking offers you a variety of finishes, sizes and options to match your personal style. From Teak to Merbau to Bangkirai, we offer exceptional hardwood products that will help you enhance the look of your home. For more information on these timbers, please visit our Construction Materials Page. These 3 timbers are in the category of the highest quality hardwoods on the planet. We dry all of our flooring/decking/siding components to a moisture content of no higher the 12%. Our timbers are engineered to tight tolerances choosing from a few types of profiles appropriate to your individual project design including Tongue and Groove, Ship Lap, V-Groove etc.  


Our Teak floors and Merbau floors feature a high oil content and strength that makes this element particularly fit for any room. Teak floors and Merbau floors are extremely dense, hard and durable. They will stand up to humidity for many years, offering a long and beautiful life. The oils in both timbers give them natural pest resistance including termites. As flooring material, Merbau & Teak resist damage from high traffic, pet claws, and playing children. These hardwoods do not chip or dent easily, and will not splinter. Don’t choose Teak floors and Merbau floors for the durability alone though, hardwood floors make a perfect fit for any room in your home or office.


A quality solid hardwood deck is a wonderful addition to any backyard.  As an extension of your house, a Bangkirai deck will quickly become one of the favorite spots in your home. When we speak about timbers for decking, Bangkirai Hardwood has already proven to be one of the most reliable and durable hardwood decking products on the market. Bangkirai has a distinct fine texture with very few knots in its raw form. Bangkirai does not tend to warp and can be used under all weather conditions. A Bangkirai deck from TEAK BALI brings the warmth and beauty of nature to almost any outdoor area. As one of the most reliable and durable Hardwood products on the market, Bangkirai is a favorite with many designers and architects.  Be it a garden patio, restaurant terrace, or a main walkway, a Bangkirai deck will fit beautifully within your natural environment.