As the face of your home, the Hardwood doors and Hardwood windows begin the story and are one of the first things people will notice. Windows and doors are a key feature in the design of your hardwood home as they provide access, light, ventilation and security. Teak Bali Hardwood Doors and Hardwood Windows are made only from the finest kiln-dried Merbau or Teak timber to allow for stability and longevity.

At TEAK BALI, we use intelligent design systems to fabricate our door and window product. Careful consideration has been taken in the window design to allow for drainage with strategically placed scuppers (weep holes), usage of pitch/bevels as well as drip edges so water can drain freely. Also, a convenient notch/rabbit system has been incorporated to allow for comfortable seating of exterior placed mosquito screen frames. The sashes of our sliding door system include a graceful check rail solution. We have also custom designed our own pocket (sliding) door system that incorporates a wall frame as part of the overall jamb system. These components are engineered to the finest degree to allow for the highest of finishing quality on our overall product design.

Hardwood doors and windows by TEAK BALI use only the finest kiln-dried Merbau or Teak timber. For more information on these timbers, please visit our Construction Materials page. Merbau Doors are long-lasting and durable with beautiful dark reddish brown color and natural wood grains. Merbau is comparable to Teak but at a more affordable price though we can offer a Teak solution to clients that want it. Unlike other non-conventional building materials used in the manufacture of windows and doors, Teak doors and Teak windows are renewable and sustainable. Our range of Merbau Doors are suitable for use in houses, garages, offices and industrial buildings. When you install Merbau doors and Merbau windows, you know you are installing a product that can last a lifetime. Not to mention, Merbau or Teak will fit perfectly with your luxurious High End Hardwood home.