Tumpek LandepTumpek Landep is a ceremony held in Bali every 6 months (210 days) of the Balinese Puwakon calendar. The phrase Tumpek Landep is derived from the word ‘tumpek’, which means ‘close’ and ‘landep’ which means ‘sharp’. It always falls on a Saturday and it is uniquely held to bless metallic/iron objects. This can be, cars, motor bikes, boats, computers, TV’s, cameras, machinery etc.

In Balinese Hindu history, the rituals held on this day aim to honor Sang Hyang Pasupati, Lord of Heirlooms, for the creation of steel goods. Initially it was a day of rituals given to specific sharp tools made of steel, ‘tombak’ (spear) and ‘keris’ (a double-bladed dagger). These are symbolic items which are used in temples during festivals.


Tumpek LandepToday, it is believed that the significant meaning of this ceremony is to revitalize the magical powers of the metallic tools and to sharpen people’s minds and hearts, as they are the ultimate users of technology and machinery.  By doing so, people are expected to fight against misery, darkness and ignorance and to suppress the evil behavior within themselves, and choose what is good and bad.


Tumpek LandepCeremonies held on this day can be quite elaborate, you will see around Bali cars and bikes dressed with attractive offerings and an array of colorful decorations.  The offerings are made by hand from coconut leaves and usually filled with an assortment of food and flowers, most often the traditional Jepun (frangipani) to thank the gods.

Tumpek Landep

Worship may be done at family shrines and temples, plus businesses which use machinery or have a lot of metal (such as a car sales showroom) often pay a local priest to come and conduct a blessing ceremony for all the equipment. Traditional dress for ceremonies is worn by men and women. At temples the priest will say prayer and bless the Hindu people (as ultimate users of the metal), rice is placed on the forehead for good thoughts, on the base of the neck for a good kind heart and flowers behind the ear to hear good things.

Tumpek LandepTeak Bali had its own ceremony where a local Mangku (Hindu Priest) who is married to one of our Teak Bali staff (lucky for us) came to the office to bless all the technical equipment/machinery and the new company car! At the outside entrance to the office, offerings, incense and decorations were laid out. Inside the office, an offering was placed next to all the technology.  The Priest conducted the mantra (prayer) and a series of bell ringing, blessing the car and every piece of machinery as well as the Teak Bali members in attendance.

The Balinese people believe that if these ceremonies do not take place it will cause problems and malfunctions with the metallic objects. For every new metallic object/piece of machinery, a ‘melaspas’ ceremony is performed before it is used or operated. During the ceremony, it is hoped that the Gods will bless the objects as well as their users.

Tumpek Landep    





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