Hawaii Prefab Houses


Hawaii Prefab HousesWe would like to focus today’s conversation on what goes on ‘Bali side’ in our Indonesian Manufacturing facility, Our wonderful Hawaii clients have designed a spectacular 5,000 square foot Hawaii Hardwood House and a 2-story timber Garage intended for their splendid location on the Hamakua Coast on the North East side of the Big Island. For logistical reasons, our Hawaii re-assembler suggested we stagger the project plan by building and shipping the garage up front and fabricating the Hawaii Prefab House  afterwards. The idea would allow for us to have the garage unit assembled onsite giving us a place to store the raw materials for the main house which would arrive on a later shipment.


Hawaii Prefab HousesIn terms of the initial assembly, the 3 car garage was a simple 2-story rectangular Hardwood Structure. The only trick was the split pitch roof which was simple enough to achieve. We ordered raw materials for the entire project up front and started our focus on the garage unit. The entire structural requirement for the project called out for roughly 100 cubics of raw Merbau and Bangkirai timber. Once the sewn timber arrives to our main manufacturing facility, it is processed through our sanding and molding machinery. Then it is sorted and itemized according to size and requirements. Then we run all the hardwood timber through a 2nd sanding process using hand held sanders.


Hawaii Prefab HousesAt this point our carpentry crew takes over the process. Our head carpenter, who is a whiz when it comes to wood processing marks all individual beams for cutting and placement. Our entire assembly team is then dedicated to preparing all members for assembly. All wooden beams, posts, rafters etc are pre-cut and pre-notched in preparation for assembly. Our finishing team also puts a light coat of finish on all the exposed beams before assembly and a more thorough finishing process will occur again after knockdown. All Hardwood Flooring/Decking/Siding and Hardwood  Door/Window elements are fabricated at a separate facility.

Please stay tuned to our next blog where we begin to erect the post and beam structure in Teak Bali’s Indonesian manufacturing facility. For more Blog articles and information on this Hawaii Hardwood Timber Home project, please click here: ‘Hawaii Project A’.

Hawaii Prefab Houses

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