The Island with the visible lake in the middle is our client’s private Cay located in the Bahamas. This multi-structure Caribbean hardwood home project, located in an untouched island setting, provided Teak Bali with new logistical challenges. Re-assembling Caribbean Timber Homes on a building site located on an Island with no proper construction infrastructure created the need to ship everything into the island including machinery and tools. Fortunately, there was fresh water to create concrete.

Private Caribbean Island located in the Bahamas

Teak Bali ships Bali Hardwood homes and other structures from Bali by sealed container…the selected shipping itinerary for this Caribbean Prebuilt home project was determined to be from Bali Indonesia to Port Everglades north of Miami. Typically shipping lines give you a time limit (10 days is normal) from when the containers are released from the Port of destination to when they need to be returned to the shipping yard. Any delays over this time limit will incur demurrage charges to the shipping lines. The client decided to purchase the containers outright so we could ferry the prefab homes over to the Bahamas without time constraints. As this was a multi-structure project, purchasing the container further gave the option to store each individual hardwood structure in a dry environment at the building site until time of assembly for each structure.

Once Teak Bali and the client were satisfied we could safely and securely ship the prefabricated hardwood home to its final destination, we began the process of creating a Bali style design appropriate to the clients striking locale. Stay tuned for our next Blog’s where we begin to discuss the design process. For more Blog articles and information on this Caribbean Prefab House  project, please click here: ‘Caribbean Project A’.

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