Caribbean Sustainable HomesThe next stage in the re-assembly process of this Caribbean Luxury Home is the construction of the roof. As part of the design Teak Bali made a Cupola as requested by the client. This dome shaped feature is positioned at the top of the roof structure, following the octagonal pattern of the rest of the structure. It was the client’s intention to add this feature to provide cross ventilation, allowing for hot air to escape through the roof to make the structure more breathable.

Caribbean Sustainable HomesA top plate is used in all Teak Bali roof Structures. This piece of Timber sits on top of the Headers and is a platform for the rafters to sit on. In hurricane territory, require the rafters are attached to the top plate with hurricane clips. The use of a top Plate though not required adds extra strength and increased stability to our Caribbean Luxury Homes

Wherever possible, Teak Bali Designers avoid creating wood joins in mid span to further enhance the strength and protection of our hardwood homes.  This means a higher cost for raw materials used in the building of our projects across the board and is one area where Teak Bali chooses to not cut corners. Teak Bali was required to source a 7 meter header for a header on a larger structure for this project which we will blog about at a later date. 

Caribbean Sustainable HomesA Double cross tie system was implemented on all 8 grid lines of this roof structure allowing for further strengthening of the entire structure. Built From parallel members, this rigid framework increases the structural integrity of the roof and aids in withstanding hurricane force winds and extreme weather conditions that infrequently occur on this Privately owned Cay in the Bahamas .

Caribbean Sustainable Homes

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