A private Island – Hurricane Resistant Prefab Homes Episode #9

Hurricane Resistant Prefab Homes

Hurricane Resistant Prefab Homes

The next phase in the re-assembly of this Caribbean hardwood home is to put the house into lock down so as to protect the interior from the elements. This process starts with the roof and then moves downwards towards the walls and then the floor finish. As Teak Bali projects tend to occur primarily in hurricane territory’s ( Hawaii & the Caribbean ), the design, engineering and final fabrication of the roof structure is integral to protect our Hurricane Resistant Prefab Homes against severe weather conditions.

Hurricane Resistant Prefab Homes – Roof Structure

Hurricane Resistant Prefab Homes Different projects require a different configuration of roof elements depending upon client requests and engineering requirements. The architect of record will also have input on this crucial element of the hardwood home. The Hardwood roof structure for the CA01  Hurricane Resistant Prefab Home as specified by our engineer consists of … Read More

Hardwood Doors and Windows




As the face of your home, the Doors and Windows begin to tell the story. It is essential to educate yourself on design options and building materials for this important element of your home while keeping careful consideration for the design aesthetic that best suits your tastes and location. An often undervalued element of the home, the doors and windows play a major role providing an interior-exterior flow for ventilation, light, safety, security and comfort. Since 1998 Teak Bali has been manufacturing stylish hardwood doors and windows for our Door/Window projects in Hawaii, the Caribbean and other tropical zones. Teak Bali strives to provide durable and functional wood door & window systems to make lifestyles more enjoyable and living spaces more comfortable. We have the ability and expertise to customize all details of the complete Door and Window Set for your home. Teak Bali is using only the finest kiln-dried … Read More

Potong Gigi, the symbolic transition from teenager to adult

Potong Gigi

Potong Gigi Potong Gigi is an Indonesian term referring to the Balinese Hindu religious tooth filling ceremony . The ceremony is symbolic for Balinese Hindu  teenagers who are ready to pass into the world of maturity and adulthood. This ceremony is one of 11 coming-of-age ceremonies the Balinese recognize including the Birth Ceremony, the 3 months old ceremony, the marriage ceremony etc. In the Balinese language, this ceremony is also known as Mepandes, Mesangih or Metatah. Metatah is intentioned to ease the ‘Sad Ripu’ factors. Sad Ripu means the six enemies or evil sides of the human psyche including: anger, jealously, foolishness, lust, greed, and intoxication.


Potong Gigi

The Balinese believe that this ritual helps protect themselves from the invisible forces of evil and avoid punishment from hell by the lord of  Yamadipati . The filing of the 6 canine teeth is symbolic of the change from animal to human. Teeth … Read More

What makes Teak Bali prefab homes sustainable?



If you are shopping for an environmentally friendly home, consider a sustainable prefab home from Teak Bali.  Our sustainable prefab homes are built to be environmentally friendly and exceptionally energy efficient.  All building materials come with environmental costs. However, Teak Bali only uses legally harvested timber as teak Bali is SVLK certified. Please reference our blog topic on SVLK Certification . Timber is clearly the most carbon-friendly building material on the planet, please reference our Blog topic on the CO2 Related Benefits of our hardwoods.

Teak Bali has a handful of clients on both the Big Island and in the Caribbean living off-grid. Here are a few sustainable systems that are being implemented:

  • 0032_Sustainable_Prefab_Homes_001 Double skin wall structures from Teak Bali can be insulated when required. Insulation keeps the climate inside your house under control and is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in … Read More

Hawaii Hardwood Knockdown Home – EPISODE #8

Hawaii Hardwood Knockdown House

Hawaii Hardwood Knockdown Home

As soon as the Hardwood Garage was knocked down, finished and placed into the loading area of the warehouse, we then had the space to begin production on the Main structure. Due to the large size of this Hardwood Knockdown House, careful planning had to be done in terms of the placement of the structure within our warehouse. Teak Bali had actually never fabricated such a large Wooden Knockdown Home and the curved front Bearer of the front deck needed to stick out from the warehouse into the garden. We needed to intelligently review the dimensions of our production facility (65 feet x 131 feet / 20m x 40m) against the 5,758 ft/535 m2 footprint of this very large Wooden Knockdown House. Because of the amount of raw materials and man hours required, our project manager, quantity surveyor and head carpenter needed to carefully analyze and plot … Read More

Termite Resistant Wood


0031_termite_resistant_wood_001 A termite is a constant threat to your home. Termites are often called the “silent destroyer” because they may be secretly hiding and thriving in your home without any immediate signs of damage. Termites have the ability to chew through wood, plywood and even wallpaper undetected. 

Termites are among the most successful groups of insects on Earth, colonizing most of the populated world except for the North Pole and Antarctica. Their colonies range in size from a couple of hundred individuals to enormous societies with several million individuals. Termite queens have the longest lifecycle of any insect in the world, with some queens living up to almost 50 years. Each individual termite goes through a complete metamorphosis that proceeds through egg, nymph and adult stages. Over more than 3,000 species are currently discovered, with a few hundred more left to be described. Termites date back more than 120 … Read More

China Cat, an Octagonal Home Floor Plan


0030_octagonal_home_plan_002 At Teak Bali , we are always challenging ourselves to design unique hardwood home plans with ideal living conditions which are harmonious with the local environment. Our talented design team wanted to create an exclusive Octagonal Home Plan . As the Teak Bali team was studying older more traditional  methods of building, we reviewed the indigenous shelters and saw many were often built in round shapes such as the Mongolian Yurt, the North American Teepee and the Greek Tenemos. Researching the Octagonal shape, we found the roots of the Chinese Pagoda came from the belief that the octagon symbolizes good luck and completeness, in Buddhism 8 sides denote completion as well as the 8-fold path, in Taoism there are 8 immortals, in Hebrew 8 is represented by the letter Chet symbolizing life and for Christianity it denotes the eight beatitudes.

Influenced by authentic and traditional Chinese Pagodas , the Teak Bali Design team was … Read More

Teak Bali Family Gathering 2016


0029_teak_bali_family_gathering_2016_003 Every year Teak Bali  organizes a Team Building day for the staff and their families. On this year’s program was a full day of water fun at the one of the top ranked water parks in all of Asia. Located in the heart of Kuta , Waterbom Bali caters to all age groups. Various water attractions ranging from kiddy pools and lazy rivers up to extreme adrenaline pumping water slides. This must be the perfect place to entertain even the smallest toddlers up to the older generation of the Teak Bali family. On July 31st, the entire team with their families gathered together at water park and this amazing day was organized by the lovely office manager Mrs. Ayu. We were all welcomed by Mrs. Ayu and her family who guided us to a private family cabana to start a day of exciting water features.

0029_teak_bali_family_gathering_2016_002 The entire team enjoyed the 17 attractions … Read More

High End Caribbean Hardwood Homes – Episode 1


0028_high_end_caribbean_hardwood_homes_001 Our client owns a 1-acre lot in the Exclusive Christophe Harbour resort community on the ocean in Saint Kitts. His desire is to build a complex of High End Caribbean Hardwood Homes from Teak Bali .  Christophe Harbour resort community offers plenty of activities for travelers and residents. From a luxurious dining experience and exclusive yacht club to a cool dip in the natural-edged pool in the beach club. The upcoming 18-hole golf course will be set more than 500 feet above sea level, with a 360-degree panoramic view of blue waters and lush, green hillsides. This golf course designed by Tom Fazio will soon be considered as the best in the Caribbean. There are still plots available in this High End resort community which is perfect for Teak Bali’s High End Caribbean Hardwood Homes .

0028_high_end_caribbean_hardwood_homes_002 Saint Kitts is the larger of the 2 Caribbean islands that … Read More

Teak Bali High End Prefab Homes – Updated Website




After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our updated Website. Our main objectives with the new website were to make it mobile device compatible, faster, easier to navigate and more user friendly. We hope this new website will provide our visitors an easier more intuitive way to learn about Teak Bali’s products and services including the various Hardwood Home Components we offer. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and client success articles.  We are open to receive feedback from our clients how to better improve the usability and functionality of the website.


0027_highend_prefab_home_website_002 The Teak Bali website has not only undergone a totally new makeover, we  now provide more detailed information about our Luxury Hardwood Homes. With new menus on … Read More