John & Kim

My wife and I are in the process of building our retirement home on the Big Island. It has been a daunting experience to say the least. We had originally started with an architect to design a home for us, and while the design was very nice, it was in many ways similar to a lot of the homes on the islands. I originally found Teak Bali when I was looking for ideas to add pizzazz to the design. I had seen beautiful carved teak homes when I was in Bali years ago, so I searched for this as an inspiration. Little did I know I could have one made.

I contacted Danny, and he took me to a home that was in the process of being built. One touch of the hard smooth wood and I knew this is what I wanted for my home....

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Scott & Debbie

Hardwood Siding

I am writing this letter to inform potential customers what they can hope to attain from their experience with Teak-Bali. I purchased a house kit from Tom, Danny, and Marchand in 2004 after being informed about their Hawaii Hardwood Homes by a mutual friend. I owned property on the Big Island and was searching for an easy to assemble kit home that would be suitable for both vacation and retirement. I had looked extensively at each local lumber store’s “all inclusive packages” as well as a few independent pre-manufactured home offerings. The local “kit homes” while seemingly affordable initially became much less so when all the costs of construction and contractors were figured into the equation. Not to mention, when the house was completed all you had was a cookie cutter kit home like every other one on the block. Perfectly habitable,...

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Gail & Robert

Hardwood Pavilion

Our vision of a pavilion in the rain forest elegant enough for weddings, open to the song of the birds and the scent of the air led us to Teak-Bali, Tom, Danny, and Marchand. Danny and his team in Bali helped us with the design. We made changes as we went along, increasing the size of the corner posts, adding railings, and all along the way everyone at Teak-Bali was artistically engaged, with a spirit of aloha. When it came time to put up the structure, Tom referred us to Tim, who was likewise a delight to work with. If you have ever undertaken a building project, you know this is a rare experience.

Our pavilion fits with the forest in just the island inspired way we had imagined. The type of wood resists damage caused by the wetness of the rainforest. The structure is...

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Teak Bali Testimonials

I found both TEAK BALI’s owners Tom and Danny to be of the highest character. They were very knowledgeable in the design and construction of our 1 of a kind meditation Pavilion. They fabricated the structure on Bali, disassembled there and shipped over here (Hawaii) for re-assembly. All went well with minor problems and the Meditation Pavilion which we built is really spectacular, fits my retreat center perfectly and I thank them.

This mediation shala is being used as a part of the Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center. This center was established in honor of his Holiness Param Sant Kirpal Singh JI Maharaj. For more info on the retreat center, please click through to the KMC Website . To see images for this...

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Luxury Hardwood Kona Homes


We knew that wanted an open Polynesian look but we didn’t know how to go about getting the style of house we wanted at an affordable rate. Teak Bali provided everything we needed, including working directly with our architect to help us come up with the right design for our needs. We also found all of our furniture in Bali and had it delivered directly to Teak Bali. They packed it and sent it to us with the home and the results came out great. We were grateful to all the staff at Teak Bali.

This Hardwood home is part of the Sacred Grounds coffee farm in Captain Cook. To see images for this Teak Bali Luxury Prefab Hardwood project, please click through to Project Gallery KO01  in our Kona Galleries Page.

Bryan and Noel

Luxury Hardwood Hawaii Homes

Our old house was over 100 years old built with traditional old fashioned quality, built to last. So when we were looking for a new house to build our high standards were met only with the Namaste Bali house. Namaste gave us exceptional value for the cost. We had the freedom to design with the aesthetic beauty inherent in the wood and style of construction – beautiful and strong!

Bryan and Noel are Hawaiian born and grew up on Oahu. Please click through the following link to see a Blog Post about Bryan and Noel’s Sustainability Initiative . To see images for this Teak Bali Luxury Prefab Hardwood project, please click through to Project Gallery HA-07 in our Hawaii Galleries Page.


Timber Home Builder

In 2006, while visiting my land on the Big Island of Hawaii, I stopped by a home design studio run by Tom Catton of TEAK BALI in Hilo, HI. Tom personally greeted me and showed me some typical home designs and, when I said I wanted a custom designed home specifically for my property, Tom was both agreeable and excited. I provided my own design layout, which Tom and the architect at TEAK BALI reviewed and refined to make it both buildable and affordable. 

TEAK BALI was constantly asking about my budget, my wants and needs and offering flexibility to help bring my ideal home, designed specifically for our property, to fruition. As the technical part of the design became more involved, I worked with and spoke directly to the designers and builders in Bali, which helped speed the process of working out critical...

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